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Delicious eats!

Spirited sips and scrumptious cuisine are key party elements for us. Comfort food is presented in an elegant way. Locally sourced, organic and seasonal ingredients inspire our menus. Clever cocktail pairings, interactive food stations we call vignettes and passed treats will delight your guests. When the party is in full swing the pizza oven comes to life where guests can walk right up to the wood fired oven.

On a mission

We want to make a true expression of the whole food cycle. In addition to the food produced on site, we depend on the work of many dedicated organic farmers and ranchers. Our kitchen includes a diverse staff of chefs, bakers and food crafters. Our interest unite us in a passion to explore a ‘third plate’ mentality and deliver delicious menus while dazzling all the senses at the same time.

Fourth Harvest Menu Here


Vignettes – the next food trend

Our version of food theatre and artistic pairings. Ideal at appetizer time, appetizer receptions, dance time and late night snacks.

While yes we all have couches, tables, chairs, etc. for rent, what we have done different is to make a connection between the look of the setting created, the activity desired and the relation to any food that might be served during the use of the setting.

There are many exciting options in today’s wedding receptions. Because we are a one-stop shop, we can coordinate the event easier than a collection of vendors each in their own silos.

We are calling this combination of food and furniture ‘Vignettes’ and have designed items on our seasonal menus looking at unique platters to display the food item, how they are positioned on our particular tables, the aesthetic of the food item, and ease of service.

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